Japanese Culture Experience Program Feel Japanese Traditional Music !

◆What you can enjoy in this program◆

Looking for something real traditional Japanese culture in your travel ? Here is an ideal program for you. Enjoy the sound of Nagauta (long epic song), Shamisen (three-stringed instrument) and Tsuzumi (Japanese drum) and feel the rich traditional tone.

■ 体験内容 ■

Step 1: Explanation by a professional master
Step 2: Try and play the instruments
Step 3: Let’s perform with the instruments! You can definitely play some simple music like “Sakura (Japanese traditional folk song) “

At the end of the program you feel the beauty and get a sense of accomplishment with great memories !

How to reserve
You need to write “Japanese Culture Experience Program” in the message column of a reservation form. This program is basically provided after dinner but before dinner is also available. After check in, the program starting time will be arranged.

Price and Time
Price: 2,000 yen/person, including commemorative photos (must need reservation) Time: 30 minutes

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